Please refer to the university policy on immunization for a complete description of immunization requirements The Catholic University of America complies with the DC Immunization requirements. Immunization records are required for all students UNDER the age of 26 years of age.   Covid vaccinations are strongly recommended for ALL students, regardless of your age.  If you have received a Covid vaccination series (2 doses of Moderna, 2 doses of Pfizer or one dose of Johnson and Johnson), please upload your information to the patient portal and we can add the information to your history.  All new students will be able to add their Covid vaccine dates to their Immunization History form in the portal.

Immunization records are due for all incoming  freshmen for the Fall 2021 semester by July 1, 2021.  The due date for graduate students, transfer students, law students and all international students is August 1, 2021.  Students that have not submitted records by the required due date will have a $100 late fee assessed to their student account. A restrictive hold will also be placed.  This will prevent you from being able to register for classes in future semesters.

All immunization information must be entered through the student portal.  Instructions for submission should have been included in your admissions information.  Please do not send, fax or email immunization records to us. They MUST be entered through the student portal. You will need to enter the dates of your vaccinations into the Immunization History Form on your portal and then upload your supporting documents. This is a two part process and both the form must be completed as well as your supporting vaccine record uploaded.  We do NOT send emails confirming that your records have been received and are complete.

If your records are complete, it will no longer be listed on your checklist on your Cardinal Station account. Please check your Cardinal Station account to see whether the immunization requirement is listed as completed. It is your responsibility to check your "to Do" list on Cardinal Station regularly. If you have not submitted a complete Immunization Record within 10 days of the first day of class, a restrictive hold will be placed on your account. This hold will prevent you from being able to register for the following semester.

Meningitis Vaccine Requirement

The Catholic University of America, requires that all freshmen (first year UNDERGRADUATE students) document receipt of the meningitis vaccine on or after their 16th birthday or sign and submit the meningitis waiver form. For Frequently Asked Questions about Meningitis click here

If you have any questions, please email