All currently registered students (full or part time, graduate or undergraduate) are eligible for services at Student Health Services (SHS).  SHS provides primary care for routine medical illnesses and injuries. In addition, health promotion and education programs are offered to help you maintain and improve your health.  We maintain a limited on site pharmacy for patients; students are billed for pharmacy services through your student account.  We are staffed by board certified health care providers that have a commitment to quality health care delivery to the University population.  Please browse our website to learn more about the services we offer. Feel free to contact us to ask questions.

Confidentiality of Records and Medical Consent

All treatment records are confidential and will not be released to anyone, either verbally or in writing, without your written permission. This restriction on sharing of information applies to parents, faculty and other university staff. If you would like the provider at Student Health Services to discuss an illness or injury with your parents or others, a written consent form needs to be signed by you to allow that. If you will be under 18 years of age when you start the semester, please have your parents sign and complete the medical consent form. This form is required in order to treat you at Student Health Services.

Immunization Requirements

DC law and University policy state that students under the age of 26 are required to provide documentation of immunity against certain preventable diseases. A complete list of required immunizations can be found in the Immunization Requirements for Students Policy.  COVID-19 immunizations and boosters are strongly recommended for all students, regardless of your age; new students should include their COVID vaccinations on the required immunization record form located in the Patient Portal.   

Important Notes:

  • Students must submit immunization records through the Student Health Portal. We do not accept immunization records via email or fax.
  • The deadline for submission is July 1 (for new undergraduate students) and August 1 (for new graduate, law, exchange, international and transfer students). A $100 late fee will be assessed for late or incomplete records. Your ability to register for the following semester will be blocked in Cardinal Station until your records are submitted and are complete.
  • Please submit your immunization records as early as possible. Once this requirement is finalized, this will appear on your Cardinal Station “To Do list” as finished. We do not send out confirmation emails that the records have been received.
  • If you are a current student and have noted that there is a hold on your account for "health" reasons, your immunization record may be incomplete or missing. Please email Student Health Services.

For more detailed information including FAQs, please visit our Immunization Records page.  If you have any questions, please email Student Health Services.

Student Medical Insurance Administration

Student Health Services DOES NOT administer the student medical insurance. If you have questions regarding the insurance, For questions, or if you need help navigating the enrollment/waiver website, please contact the Catholic University of America Call Center at 1-800-489-1390; Fax: 203-568-8396; Email: benefitsupport@alliant.com.

Your Diet

Have any questions regarding your diet or wanting to make some changes in how you eat?  Please contact the University dietitian at Jordan.Sawyer@compass-usa.com.