All students are eligible to be seen at Student Health Services.

There is no office visit charge or co-pay. We do, however, charge for special services such as lab tests done on site, medical supplies, nebulization treatments, orthopedic supplies and medications dispensed through our in house pharmacy. All charges will be billed to your student account. If you are referred for care outside the Student Health Services, you are responsible for fees incurred at other medical facilities. We will always try to refer you to a provider or facility that participates with your insurance.

Health Insurance

All full-time students are required by the university to have health insurance. You may be covered by your family's or employer's insurance or by a policy available through the university. For information about CUA Student Medical Insurance please go to the student medical insurance website at It is essential that you have a copy of your health insurance information available to you. Regardless of what type of insurance you have, ALL STUDENTS are eligible to be seen at the Student Health Services. Please note that Student Health Services does not administer the medical insurance.