There are many different thoughts and feelings that can overwhelm you in the moments and hours following the crime committed against you. You may feel shame, guilt, despair, and anger. If you did not consent to the sexual activity, it was against the law. It is in your best interest both physically and emotionally to seek help as soon as possible. Blocking it out won't make it go away. Please notify any of the following as soon as possible after the incident, or go directly to the emergency room. The Washington Hospital Center Emergency Room has a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse that is specially trained to examine and help victims of sexual assault. The contact number is 202-742-1724 ext. 110.

Important Contact Numbers

  • Rape Crisis Center hotline, 202-333-7273, (The Rape Crisis Center will provide someone to stay with you during the emergency room evaluation.)

On Campus Resources

  • Public Safety (202-319-5111)
  • Student Health Services (202-319-5744)
  • Campus Ministry (202-319-5575)
  • Counseling Center (202-319-5765)
  • Dean of Students (202-319-5619)
  • Your area coordinator or a trusted professor.

You will be cared for in a confidential, caring, and non-judgmental manner. You will be assisted in making the decisions that are best for you. It is extremely important that you seek medical care within 72 hours of the incident. Ideally, you should not change your clothes, shower, or douche prior to your evaluation. Regardless of the circumstances, a crime was committed against you.

How to reduce your risk of being drugged and/or sexually assaulted?

  • Do not leave beverages unattended. Do not take any beverages from someone you do not know well and trust.
  • At a bar or club, accept drinks only from the bartender or server. Again, do NOT leave them unattended or being "watched" by someone you just met.
  • At parties, do not accept open-container drinks from anyone.
  • Do not attend a party or go to a bar alone. Always go and leave with friends. Watch out for each other.
  • Be alert to the behavior of your friends, and in return, ask them to watch out for you. Anyone who appears extremely intoxicated after consuming only a small amount of alcohol may be in danger.
  • Drink moderately and responsibly even in a "safe" environment. If you are intoxicated you are creating an environment which is no longer safe.

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